Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Girlbot MS Paint Comic

I used Diana Nock's Build-a-Bot Worksheet to make a comic!

See if you can make one that's funnier than my lame attempt!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Smoke Up Johnny!

A response of sorts to Allen Ginsburg.

Doctors used to tell us
That smoking was alright
So we puffed and pulled our cigaretts
Morning noon and night
We smoked in doctors offices
In planes and in schools
All our movies stars assured us
That smoking was so cool

But now they try to tell us
That it's bad for you
You'll get cancer by inhaling
A measly random fumes
You can only smoke in certain places
Far away from healthy lungs
If you say you smoke you get looked at
Like a pedo leper bum

So I say...
Stick it to the man
By smoking all you can
It puts hair on your chest
And makes you a real man
All the ladies love
When you puff those cancer sticks
All their panties drop right down
They'll give it to you quick
If some whiney bastard
Says you need to die
Just take your lovely cigarette
And put it out in his eye

Smoke as many as you can
Before the cancer hits
Ah hell, I don't smoke at all
I just hate those whiney shits!

Actually I do smoke the occasional ceegar, they look cooler than cigarettes and piss people off just as much. Plus, they're yummy!