Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hello Everyone!

Hello to all my new followers! Where did you guys come from? I'm glad you're here though, I'll try and post more!

Ballad of Bitter Henry

A Parody of Eef Barzelay's Ballad Of Bitter Honey

That was me mopping up that pile of puke
Of some snotty little kid
You only saw me for a couple seconds
But I'm kinda hard to miss
And all the other facualty members
They all look down on me
Just because I have to kneel down
And wipe up their old stale pee

My father drank and beat my ass
Till he died and so to Ohio, I did make my way
I tried to finish my GED, I really wanted to, you see
But all those big words and multiplication tables
Well they really got to me

And all the kids think I’m stupid
I can see it when they look at me
But I know what they'll become
Their future's are clear to see
I was once in their shoes
It's not so far to fall
Someday one of them, will have to clean this hall

And if I push these piles of dirt together
And wax the tiles just so
I can buy pornography
And wood for my winter stove
Everyone should have a clean school
And a sterile place to learn
Don’t hate me 'cuz I want them all to fucking burn
Don’t hate me 'cuz I want them all to fucking burn