Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ballad of Bitter Henry

A Parody of Eef Barzelay's Ballad Of Bitter Honey

That was me mopping up that pile of puke
Of some snotty little kid
You only saw me for a couple seconds
But I'm kinda hard to miss
And all the other facualty members
They all look down on me
Just because I have to kneel down
And wipe up their old stale pee

My father drank and beat my ass
Till he died and so to Ohio, I did make my way
I tried to finish my GED, I really wanted to, you see
But all those big words and multiplication tables
Well they really got to me

And all the kids think I’m stupid
I can see it when they look at me
But I know what they'll become
Their future's are clear to see
I was once in their shoes
It's not so far to fall
Someday one of them, will have to clean this hall

And if I push these piles of dirt together
And wax the tiles just so
I can buy pornography
And wood for my winter stove
Everyone should have a clean school
And a sterile place to learn
Don’t hate me 'cuz I want them all to fucking burn
Don’t hate me 'cuz I want them all to fucking burn

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