Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Handful of Short Poems

Bad Decision
Monkeys ruined my social scene
By peeing on my TV screen
And flinging poop from their rears
Why did I invite them over here?

Fun Day
One day I wanted to have some fun
So I took my knife and my gun
And went and saw old Bill Mars
And spent the day playing cards

Jenny Lee
I really like you Jenny Lee
Come and sit upon my knee
If your daddy asks
Please tell him lies
Last time he blackened both my eyes

I'll race you to that rotted tree
I bet I bet you can't catch me!
You're too slow
I'm already there!
You don't have any legs?
Just wooden pegs?
The Heck I care!
I still beat you fair and square!

Mia Z Took a stand
Her fist in the air
A mic in her hand
When Mia sang
The walls caved in
And people cheered above the din
But now Mia's gone
And in her place
A vacuum sits
A nothingness
A black hole
The pits
No more Mia, no more Gits
While in prison Jesus sits
I hope his Hell is every day
For taking our poor Mia away


Emma The Stranger (ETS) said...

i love ur poem =)

hrmustang said...

interesting poems... creative i suppose. interesting.

John Will Balsley said...

Your poems are prime!