Monday, May 25, 2009

Sometimes I Wish...

I would be wondering around some run down looking town of the sort that Lovecraft always sets his stories in and find an old antique store. I won't want to go in but my hot red headed girlfriend really wants the lamp thats sitting in the window for our apartment. I think it looks ugly as sin but she drags me inside anyways.
The old man behind the counter looks like he's dead, he's sitting in a rickety chair with his head tilted up towards the ceiling, his mouth wide open. Cindy (thats my hot girlfriend's name) coughs and the old man sits up and glares at us out of his one good eye.
"What ya want?" He growls and glares some more. The must and dank of the junk palace starts to make me sick. Plus I'm getting bored. I wander off while Cindy haggles with the creepy old man for the price of the crappy lamp.
I wander along the isles and isles of junk, occasionally picking up a weird looking broken toy or water damaged book. Suddenly I turn around. The place looks larger than I thought. Wait, where did that book go that I just picked up? The one with the blue cover and all the strange writing inside? I set it back on a stool which is also gone. I wander around the suddenly warehouse size place for what feels like hours till I come to a strange clearing in the piles of junk and broken down shelves. In the middle is a doll with a cracked face and one blue eye that seems to be staring into my soul. I turn to go but there's no opening behind me.
"I knew you'd come." Says the doll without moving it's lips.
"what the Hell is going on here?" I say and slowly move my hand towards a piece of rusting farm equipment behind me.
"I am a princess that is trapped in this body by the evil proprietor of this store and all I need you to do is kiss me and..."
I swing the hunk of metal down on the things head smashing it into a millions shards of china. The way opens up and I run as fast as I can back through the store as it's screams ring around me....

My hot girlfriend is still bargaining with the old man for the lamp. I grab her arm and we run out.
"What's wrong with you?" She says, pissed off.
"Nothing," I say and kiss her. "Lets go home and have sex all night."
"Yes, lets" She says.
And we do. All night and into the next morning.

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