Monday, August 31, 2009

Discussion Question For Tonight

Sometimes I get these thoughts in my head and they bounce around with no one to tell them too. So, I thought tonight, I'd put this one here.

My thought tonight was simply this: "If you could wish for anything you wanted and would have it instantly, but each wish would take a year or two (or five) off of your life, would you do it? And what would you wish for?"

Personally, I think I would wish for financial security for my family and friends, and me last. Then I would wish for my own private island. I think those would be worth shaving off a few years on this crummy planet. I'd be able to hole myself away from most of the world but my family and friends would still have money to visit when they wanted too. Can you imagine playing Sardines with a large group of people on a jungle island? (If you haven't ever played Sardines, then I pity your poor childhood).

Speaking of jungle islands, this is where I make an empty promise to post up another CYOF piece, isn't it? Well, I will get to it tomorrow. I've watched up all my Netflix movies already...


Justin said...

I'd wish for you to do more posts. And then maybe a hardcover slipcased collection of all the good comics ever made, with commentary by artists, and interviews.

I can't think of anything else.

Justin said...

Oh yeah, and I'd love to meet Stanislav Szukalski. That's no joke.