Saturday, August 14, 2010

31 Posts in 31 Days - Day #1


Scarlet is the color of my true love's hair
And also of her blood
A deep red puddle that never seems to go away...

When they came to take her away, I was there
I saw the lights
I heard the screams
I saw her skin melt off
Like ice cream in the sun
Dripping onto the ground
Before it vanished
I could see everything she was made of
Bones, muscles, organs, blood
As she fell apart
And faded away
What did I feel that night?
Standing there in the field by grandpa's woods?
I don't think I cried
I loved her
But I don't think I cried
I was sad, but this was inevitable wasn't it?
The grey ones had told me she would be taken
Told me so I could steel myself
And get her out of my heart
I did love her
I really did
Probably named after her deep red hair
She was beautiful
But at the end, I saw what she was really made of
Beauty really is only skin deep
Inside we're ugly
Outer beauty is a sack to hold organs and flesh
I don't love her anymore
I don't love her anymore
But what I can't get out of my head
Is her eyes
Deep green
One of the last things to go
Staring at me
Screaming where her vocal cords could not
But I am doing good things for the grey ones
They assure me that I will be rewarded
My place among the great ones is certain

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