Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All Year Round

Halloween is finally here
It's been so long
I wait all year
So stick your Christmas in your ear
I'm going from door to door

I work real hard
To scare those guys
Ignoring all the Christmas lies
The air is full of joyful sounds
As I make my frightful rounds

The air is cold it bites my nose
As I go tramping through the snow
The wind is tearing at my clothes
As I go from door to door

How I wish that you could see
The looks that they give to me
When I ask for Trick or Treat
But they ain't getting rid of me
Till I get what I deserve

My bag is full of candy canes
I'll admit it's kind of lame
Everything else is too stale to eat
But it matters not to me

Just because Halloween's done
Isn't going to ruin my fun
You can have your Christmas tree
Your tinsel and your lights

Give me a crypt that's dark and damp
My werewolves and my living dead
Kids with chainsaws in their heads
Underneath the pale moonlight

While you hear reindeer on your roof
I'm dancing to some eerie tune
With ghosts and goblins in my room
My girlfriend has no head

Santa may be coming for you
But I don't care what you do
Just follow that piper's merry tune
Down the path that you've been lead

And when you finally come around
Lets go marching through the town
And we'll have Halloween all year round
Lets run Christmas into the ground
Long live the living dead!


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Kurdt said...

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