Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Song

There's a man with a shotgun
In the apartment next door
You don't have to see his face
To know what he's in for
When he it puts it up under his chin
And then falls to the floor
I can't take this Christmas

Little Anna knows for sure
That Santa won't come this year
Daddy spent all of their cash
On cigarettes and beer
But if mommy would only come home
It would make her whole year
And so she spends the entire night
Staring at the door
I can't take this Christmas

Your home is warm
You have food for all
No one will starve tonight
The wind blows hard at your window pane
On this holiest of nights
You don't think of those
Out in the cold
For them it's just another day
And if they came begging for some food
You'd send them all away
So I sit and I wonder
What is this all for?
And I can't take this Christmas

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raairaai said...

what acoooooooool blogg!!!!!!!1!