Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Academy Award Nominated Animated Shorts - 1932

Here starts a new series of posts looking at all of the academy award nominated short animated films from 1932 to now. (The one's I can find anyways) Enjoy!

Mickey's Orphans (Disney)
I love how Mickey and Minnie just kind of stand around and smile while their house gets completely destroyed!

It's Got Me Again! (Warner Bros.)
The Warners nabbed their first ever Oscar nomination for an animated short by totally ripping Disney off!
Am I the only one that feels bad for that poor cat? He just wanted something to eat!

Winner: Flowers and Trees (Disney)
I have this strange idea that this only won because it was in color...maybe not. It is an impressive looking cartoon. I'm not too fond of these "prestige" cartoons though. Yeah they look good, but they're boring! I like my cartoons to be violent and weird, goshdarnit!



Justin said...

I sez Fleischer should have gotten them all.

Oisin O'Sullivan said...