Thursday, May 13, 2010

In the Basement

Baby I love you
But there's something you don't know
I want you to hear me clear
So I'll try and say it slow
This might take a bit of explaining
But I hope you'll understand
That you'll still love me
When I'm done
And let me be your man...

My mothers in the basement
She's dead but not quite
She groans and moans
So loudly
That I can't sleep at night
You see, a monkey bit her
And then she stepped on it's head
She died but then she rose up
And now she's undead
I don't have the heart to kill her
So I keep her tranquilized...
But I love you more than her
Can't you see it in my eyes

I need you to take my hand
And we'll kill her by ourselves
Oh I forgot to tell you
There's a few more down there as well
The priest he died how he lived
Kicking ass and taking names
But now he is a zombie
It's a low down goddamn shame
Oh yeah and there's a gang of greasers
In bits and pieces now
Even though they're dangerous
We'll destroy them all somehow
I almost forgot the baby
Born of an undead womb
We'll kill them all together
Our love will see us through...

Hey babe where are you going?
I can't do this by alone!
Can I at least have your number?
We'll talk later on the phone
Babe please stop running!
You know me, I'm perfectly sane!
We'll make these zombies into soup
And then fuck away the pain

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