Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's motherf**king Cartoon Time

Yes it is. Here's some animations that you should watch. Because they are awesome.

Tex Avery spits in the eye of every overly cute fairy tale cartoon ever made:

A simple story of life, death, and gerbils:

Radiohead makes me feel my pants

And finally, Fleisher mindfuckery at it's very best:

Happy nightmares!

Edit: Okay, how about one more awesome Betty Boop cartoon?:


Justin said...

I wouldn't know about Tales of Mere Existence if you hadn't shown me. Thanks, because it's one of the best things on Youtube.

Oisin O'Sullivan said...

i actually showed that Red hot riding hood short to two of my friends a few months ago, they laughed a lot at it and they dont even like cartoons that much. i dont see how cartoon executives justify themselves when thy say teens and adults dont like cartoony cartoons.
And yeah same about Tales of Mere Existence, my favourite one is the one about god.
Fleischer Studios are my favourite at the moment