Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lovecraft Drawing Winner

Justin of MISSLE AN(e)US wins this one by default since he was the only one to send an entry in.

Even though it was the only entry, it's still a pretty sweet sketch:

Justin wins a shiny new copy of Lovecraft Tales from The Library of America. If any of you want to try for second place send entries to:
Oh and Justin, send me your address!

I may try this again sometime next month if I can get more people to participate.


Justin said...

Thanks man, I really appreciate it.

My address is in the first email I sent you.

Oisin O'Sullivan said...

That's a good drawing. Congratulations Justin!

Damn i'm sorry I didn't enter, my "real life" drawing skills aren't very advanced so I figured I wouldn't enter.

Kurdt said...

I'll have to think up an easier one next time!

Justin: Your package is on the way!