Sunday, May 2, 2010

Some Things I Really Dislike

1. Soggy Cereal
2. The awkwardness that comes when a girl you like says that she thinks of herself as ugly and/or stupid.
3. When I start a friendship with someone and then find out that they're a racist misogynistic asshole.
4. Seeing spiders get killed.
5. A great movie with a horrible ending that makes the whole rest of what you just watched suck. (I'm looking at you I Bury the Living).
6. Shitty remakes of good movies.
7. When I discover a great relatively unknown movie and then find out that there's a remake coming out soon. (Everyone watch the original Don't Look Now and please skip the one coming out in 2011).
8. Being into a girl and then finding out that they have a boyfriend/are married. And then having them mention their significant other in every conversation.
6. John Mayer/Jason Marz/Jack Johnson...DOUCHEBAG ACOUSTIC GUITAR ROCK!
7. The spins you get from drinking a lot which inevitably leads to profuse vomiting.
8. Being talked to like a little child.
9. Piles of dead insects. Usually houseflies, but cockroaches would be pretty bad too.
10. People who talk crap about Mystery Science Theater 3000. SHUT UP OR I WILL SERIOUSLY CUT YOU!
11. Walking into a public bathroom with one sit down stall and finding that someone has shit on the floor/on the seat. (This has happened to me way too many times).
12. Cellphones in movie theaters or libraries or any other place that you should be able to go to escape assholes and their cellphones.
13. The fact that Oprah has her own magazine and puts herself on every cover. And for reasons that I can't quite come to terms with, the fact that she got millions of housewives to read Steinbeck, which they never would have touched otherwise, makes me want to hurl.

And finally, one thing that I love:
Oasis techno.

Oh and one more thing. I really want to start a movie discussion club type thing again. Does anyone have any ideas for how we could get it to work better than it did last time?


Justin said...

For the movie club thing, maybe a broader genre than animation? Maybe "cult movies", as that's the broadest genre ever. I still haven't watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show or any of John Waters' movies.

Ian Andersen said...

Who piles up dead insects?

Isn't Oprah also going to have her own television channel soon?

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything on that list...except for the John Mayer / Jason Mraz / Jack Johnson thing. God help me, I think it's alright music. I don't listen to it every day (not like I do with my Queens of the Stone Age), but it's good once in a while.

"Your body is a wonderland..."

Kurdt said...

I was definitely thinking of doing cult movies. If I do start it up again, it probably won't be till late June/early July.

Who piles up dead insects? I have some stories that I'll save for later...
Yes Oprah is getting her own channel. I think that someday she's going to instruct all her followers to kill themselves so they can all be together on planet Harpo in the Oprah galaxy.

My friends and I in highschool used to make fun of John Mayer by singing Your Body is a Wonderland like Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was quite a good time let me tell you...
But yeah, can't stand the guy or his many clones. I have tried, I just...can't. It's impossible for me and I am fine with that.