Friday, July 9, 2010

It's a Dead Man's Party...

Who could ask for more?

You're invited to a party tomorrow night at the Fairview pet cemetery at the end of Brownsville Road. Festivities start at 9 o clock and go till dawn. Invite any other ghouls, werewolves, vampires, or zombies you want but make sure that if you bring a zombie that he or she isn't so rotted that they're falling apart. Picking up body parts makes cleaning up after a bitch you know? And of course, sparkle vampires will not be invited and any seen will be killed on smell.
Food will be provided, fresh body parts both human animal and we have a vampire that was a bartender in Vegas before he died who knows how to make killer blood cocktails and other assorted nasty drinks, however, if you want to capture a prom queen or corporate executive to share, we all know how tasty those are!
This is a masked occasion so wear your most ghoulish looking costume. Oh, but no PE teacher costumes please. We all know how easy they are to trap, kill, and skin but please put a little more effort into your outfits this year. There was too many of those damn things walking around last year and they started to creep out some of our guests!
Unmasking will be when the full moon hits it's zenith. Be prepared for a few other surprises as well, this will be the most ghoulishly blood soaked box social that all you undead lovelies will be talking about the entire year!

Your Master of Ceremonies,
The Head of Dirty Dan with the Body of Slutty Fran

PS The band we had last year was killed by a vampire hunter, so if anyone wants to bring your own instruments to play, please do. The more ghoulishly hideous the sound, the better!

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Justin said...

I'll be there, man.

By the way, could you picked up where you left off on that "you are in the jungle" story on the Choose Your Own Fate blog? It was getting good...