Monday, July 26, 2010

Love Song

I see you standing by my back gate
You think I'm gonna let you in
You think I'm not used to being abused
You think I've never tasted sin
Oh baby baby I'm not so innocent

I see you standing by my front porch
Soaking wet from the rain
You think I'm some little frightened boy
You think I'm not used to pain
I've been there and I've done everything
I'm not going down that road again

I see you walk in through my back door
You think you slick you think you're sly
You may use your body to try and tempt me
But I see through all your lies
I just ain't that kind a guy

I see you there in my bedroom
Spread eagle on my bed
But Satan ain't gonna get me
I know whats going through your head
The price of sin is pain and death

I see you heading for my front door
I see you smile and turn away
Lord forgive for what I've done
I just couldn't turn away
It must have been the look in her eyes
Or the curve of her breasts
Jesus heal me and forgive my sin
For I have made an awful mess

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