Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Thirteen Favorite Music Videos

I'm currently working on a story I hope you guys will all like. It's another fictional high school story, I have no idea why I tend to write those. In the mean time I wanted to post something up, so here's a list! I've posted some of these before, I hope you don't mind seeing them again!

In no particular order:

Pixies - Velouria
Pixies - Here Comes Your Man
Infamously, the whole band hated music videos and refused to make them, but they were forced to produce a few. The two above represent their best attempts at making anti-music videos. They were so successful with Velouria that MTV refused to play it! It's my favorite one of their videos, a brilliant piece of anti-entertainment if there ever was one.

Disturbed - Land of Confusion
Pearl Jam - Do the Evolution
Todd McFarlane must not have a very cheery out look on life, judging by these two sort of similar videos that bear his stamp. The Pearl Jam one is better in my humble opinion, the Disturbed video sort of seems like a warm up. Taken together though, they represent two of the bleakest treaties on humanity ever produced.

The Birthday Massacre - Blue
The Birthday Massacre - Looking Glass
I fucking love The Birthday Massacre. Their music is all sorts of beautiful and creepy and their music videos are incredible. Blue is a shockingly eerie work of art, and I have a thing for creepy dolls, so it might actually be my favorite music video ever.
A new video is currently in the works for a song off their upcoming album. I can't wait!

Tom Waits - I Don't Wanna Grow Up
The Ramones - I Don't Wanna Grow Up
Tom Waits did the original but both versions are fucking incredible. For the longest time I had no idea The Ramones version was a cover, it fits them so well!
Both videos are great too, Tom is insane like always and I love the art in The Ramones video. If anyone has any idea who did the animation, put it in the comments!

Talking Heads - Road to Nowhere
Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime
Oh brilliant weirdness, how I love thee. If the sight of David Bryne flopping around on the ground like a puppet on strings or Tina Weymouth and Jerry Harrison dancing on the side of a desert road doesn't make you love this band, then I believe you never will.

Nirvana - In Bloom
There's something about seeing Nirvana as a clean cut 1960s TV safe rock group that just cracks me the Hell up every time I watch this one. People forget how goofy the band could be, especially when they were mocking the music industry itself.

Peaches - Fuck the Pain Away
Another one that cracks me the Hell up. Brilliant use of probably public domain Andy Griffith, brilliantly stupid song, just brilliant all around. Peaches = Brilliant.

Erasure - Always
This song is the gayest song ever. If you can find me a gayer song or a gayer band, please put a link in the comments and I will give you a cookie. Plus the guy rhymes open with itself like five times in the first verse of the song, how can you not love that! The video isn't quite as gay, but it is incredibly campy. As a straight guy that loves his camp I can give this video nothing less than three feather boas and a pair of fishnet stockings. Whatever that means.

I'm going to try and post on a regular schedule again, so look for some more stuff tomorrow night! Peace!


Justin said...

Man these are great!

The cartoon art in the Ramones' "I Don't Want to Grow Up" is by one of my very favorite cartoonists, the great Daniel Clowes (http://fuckyeahdanielclowes.tumblr.com/). If you haven't read anything by him, tell me. I own some cartoon books by him and could post some of his comics up.

Justin said...

Clowes BBC interview, with art:

By the way, I could send you a copy of his book, Twentieth Century Eightball, since you got me Lovecraft's "Tales", if you want.

Kurdt said...

Thanks for the info! I had a thought that it might be Charles Burns because it kind of looks like his style, but not quite.

You don't have to send me anything, unless you really want to. But do a post on him either way!

Oisin O'Sullivan said...

Good list!
I turned a friend into a fan of the Pixies on the basis of the silliness of the Here Comes Your Man video. I'm pretty sure I remember seeing Velouria on MTV2, though.

I've always been a fan of the In Bloom video, especially the announcer guy at the start and end and the pictures of the audience members.

What happened to the collaberation story, man?? I thought you were writing the first half of it!

Kurdt said...

@Oisin: I totally sent it! Stupid email fuck ups. I'll write up another one and send it to you in the next couple of days.

Oisin O'Sullivan said...

Oh, really???
Hey, sometimes that e-mail address doesn't work for some people.
Send it to this one instead: oisinosullivan92@yahoo.com

Tell me when you send it!