Saturday, January 9, 2010

Island Map

Alright, so this is my retarded map. I already have no drawing skills and using MS paint is like drawing with your feet anyways, so bear with me.

My house is a ways into the forest, not far from a lake and natural spring. On the southern most tip is a rock formation that juts out into the ocean. The water is very deep around it, which makes it ideal for small boats to come in and drop supplies. And where I'd take off from if I ever wanted to leave.

The island is cut in half by the mountains, which are hard to get around even if you take the pass on the northern side. Most of the time when I want to get to the Western side of the island, I use a boat.

The ancient volcano on the western side is very large and has a series of caves carved into it's south-eastern side. They're surprisingly large for something that probably took years to carve out. There's very odd cave paintings on the walls of each.

Further to the west is the river which runs the length of the island, cutting through a clearing. This clearing contains an alter with a scarred top and several weathered statues, mostly of eerie looking monsters.

Going up the Northern side, you'll find an impressive waterfall. I haven't explored this area much. I have a feeling there's something interesting there....

I haven't been exploring as much as I should. Mostly I just run around on the beach on the eastern side and play on the dunes. Or just sit on south rock and stare at the sea.

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Justin said...

I like this. It's well thought-out.