Saturday, January 2, 2010

Late Night Poetry Crap

I loved you once baby blue
When you used to call my name
I followed you outside at night
And in the daytime when it would rain
I came to you whenever you called
My love I could not hide
Now that you've found someone else
My love has still not died

I'm missing you baby blue
Since that fateful day
You ran so fast I could not follow
My pace it fell away
All I could see was your long hair
Flowing in the sun
Your race was just at the start
Mine was already done

Oh how I long baby blue
To hear you call my name
How I long to run with you
Through the darkness
Through the rain
All I can do is think of us
And how we used to be
When you used to call me up
And say "Would you run with me?"

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