Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Three Stupid Little Poems #1

I need to write more poetry, so this is the first of a few nights of poetry writing, even if they're not very good.

Dial Tone
Is there anything creepier
Than when you're all alone
Trying to call someone on the phone
It's dark and quiet on a summer night
Your bedside lamp your only light
And that voice comes on the line
Sending chills up your spine:
"We cannot connect to your party at this time..."

The Dead Ones
We are the dead ones
That cannot lie still
We live alone
At the top of the hill
You towns-people down below
Ignore us as you go to and fro
Self important you live your lives
Passing our little hill by
But all of you will visit someday
And you won't be able to run away

Love Love Love (All You Need Is)
I love you
I love you more than water or air
Why don't you love me baby, it's not fair!
I love your lips I love your eyes
I love whats between your thighs
I don't like when you talk to other guys
I want you to be all mine!
But I can't tie you to my bed
So I'll keep you in a cage instead
A pretty little thing for me to own
And to love me when I'm all alone

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