Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Fool's Song

When I was a young boy
This is what I was told:
"Get your head on straight
Before you get too old
Listen to your teachers
And study hard in school
Don't you be no fool."

So I studied hard in school
And I passed all my tests
I listened to my teachers
And my parents took care of the rest
I met a girl named Suzy and I married her one June
and I said "I ain't no fool."

Now I've got a good job
I go to work every day
I listen to what the boss says
I'm Submissive in every way
I've got three kids to feed
With another coming any day
But I'm fine in every way

Today I got a letter
From the local draft boardee
They said that the worlds at war
And they have a need for me
Goodbye to my job and home
Goodbye to my wife
I start a brand new life!

Yesterday a mortar came down
And hit me in the knees
I woke up in the hospital
Whats become of me?
I ain't got no legs at all
And I'm missing part of my head
Goodness gracious, I wish I were dead!

Now I have no job at all
Because I cannot walk
I've smoked too many cigarettes
It's hard for me to talk
I just sit on my porch
And my lap it gathers drool
And I call myself the world's biggest fool

Inspired by this song and my growing disillusionment with the US Military:

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