Monday, March 22, 2010

Music Monday

Trying to cheer myself up on a shitty Monday. It's rain snowing outside. That's not a typo, rain and snow are coming down at the same time. Bleh, thats what I say. I'm going to go through most of what I've been listening to lately. Some of it you might like, some of it you might not.

I don't usually like these viral remix things but this one is brillant:

And that is what I think of Billo the Clown and Fox News in a nutshell: A joke widely deserving of ridicule.

I'll warn you about the next one, black metal is not for everybody!

Saw these guys live at a metal festival this past weekend, they put on a damn good show!

This song has been stuck in my head since watching The Cat Returns on Sunday night:

I have a weakness for uke, what can I say?

Speaking of which...

And finally, I'll finish with an epic:

I had Weird Al in 3-D on cassette as a kid and I've probably listened to all the songs on it about a billion times but for some reason I'm just starting to really appreciate this one, the album's closer. On top of taking on cheesy slasher films, it's also a brilliant rip on Kansas and other prog rock acts of the 70s. Listen to Point of No Return (Kansas) and I think you'll agree with me.

I'm anticipating another long boring week. Bleh, again. I'll have to think up something interesting to post. I get desperate when I get really bored, which helps. I just wish my job didn't make me so tired all the time!

So what was the coolest thing that you guys did last week?

Edit: Almost forgot!

Been listening to a lot of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest lately because the only Internet radio station that isn't blocked at work plays them a lot on it's heavy metal channel. That and the simple fact that they're awesome!


Ian Andersen said...

That Roy Smeck video is great. What did you think of the Cat Returns? I saw it a long time ago but I can't remember much of it, I was oddly looking up the trailers for it just yesterday for some reason.

Kurdt said...

I've been on an huge Studio Ghibli kick lately, all of their movies that I've seen are amazing in one way or another.
Sadly, The Cat Returns is the worst one I've seen. It's not bad at all though, I enjoyed it a lot, but it doesn't have the depth that their other movies have and it's more Disney-ific, if that makes sense.
It's still worth watching, but after you've seen Spirited Away and some of their other awesome flicks.