Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pins and Needles

It's hard to sleep when you come into my mind
When my body feels like it's on fire
You say you don't feel the way do
But I know that you're a liar
You're just being mean
If you don't love me
Then why can't you stay out of my dreams?

Why are you talking?
I can't understand
A word you say
You need to just
Stop talking
And everything will be okay

I found a dead rat under my bed
He speaks to me when I get sad
He collects my tears when I cry
And I can scream at him when I get mad
I speak French to the skinhead mailman
Who comes at a quarter to ten
He drops of pieces of your body
Then he's gone and I live again

Why are you still talking?
My head is hurting
Pins and needles
Pins and needles
Just keep your mouth shut
And I can love you
I want to love you

I drink the water from the ceiling
As the air drips down my face
I take your heart and rub it on me
Your body is mine to taste
Just a few more pieces together
And I'll have you all to myself
You'll put my head back into one piece
And take me from this Hell

I told you
I warned you
I couldn't take it
You made me do it
Sticking pins into my brain
I don't need needles in my brain

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