Monday, March 29, 2010

New Scanner, Comic Book Scans, and a Secret Project

So I finally bought a scanner. Actually it's a scanner/printer/fax machine/coffee maker. Just kidding about the last one, but it's spiffy to say the least.
And this past week a family member sent me a stack of old comics that she got from a flea market. I'll be posting up the covers for each all week as well as some weird ads.

Here's the first. Action Comics No. 415, Aug 1972:

It's a pretty silly filler comic, the kind thats amusing but doesn't add anything to the universe's continuity and introduces characters you'll never see again. It does have huge killer amoebas though.

And here we have what's possibly the most famous ad in comic book history, Charles Globe wants to make you a man! Er, I mean Charles Atlas:

And here's my remix:

I now invite you to make your own!

Related song:

Now that I have an honest to gosh printer, I'm going to be embarking on a little project this weekend. You can probably guess what it's going to be, but I still won't say exactly.

More comic stuff tomorrow!


Justin said...

Your C.A. ad is great and hilarious! I'll have to try that...

Ian Andersen said...

Damn Chairs, all part of Obama's Socialist-Nazi-Hitler:Youth-Stalin-Satan-Communist-Atheist-Welfare-Death Panel. C- for communist H- for Hate AIR. Communists Hate Air! It's all there in front of you, the communist progressives are trying to strangle your babies and grandparents! I don't want to be right about this.

Thank Jesus for Glenn Beck and Charles Atlas teaching us how to take back our God Loving Jesus Bible Real American Talking Points Country.

Great remix, now I have to watch Rocky Horror, it's been far too long.