Thursday, September 3, 2009

1 2 3 4 Underneath the Cellar Floor...

I can't remember where I put you
Was it over by the TV in the living room?
Or did I brick you up in the basement?
Behind the plaster in the bedroom maybe?
I get so mixed up sometimes
But I really don't want to go through
All the trouble of tearing my house apart
To find you
I was thinking of you today though
I was remembering your smell
The light perfume that followed you around
The way your blonde hair fell over your shoulders
The way your breasts moved when you breathed
You said you were going to leave
How could you leave?
I loved you
I needed you
Without you I would have been broken
Every cell would have withered away and died
So I found a way to keep you here
You didn't talk much anymore
But you were always in the mood
And I could study your pretty face
Whenever I wanted
It was bliss just having you around
But then people starting poking their heads around
Your sister
Your mom
The police
I had to hide you
And now I miss your hair
And your smell
And your breasts
And I can't find you
But I've got this knife
And the night is dark
But not too hot
Lots of people will be out tonight
Pretty girls
I'll find a substitute
Till I can find you again
Please don't be jelous
Honey Bunch
Sweetie Pie
If you weren't hiding so well
I wouldn't have to do this
Just come out and play
And we can watch TV
You like Family Matters right?
Didn't Urkel make you laugh?
Well, my TVs broken anyways
My knife and I have a date
In the park...

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