Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Movie Club!!!

I don't know how many of you are still here, but if you are...

One of my favorite websites (Pajiba!) had this great idea, which I am presently going to steal.


Here's how it's going to work. Instead of just posting up a movie review and giving the usual good/bad claptrap, I'll post up a movie choice ahead of time, to give you guys time to Netflix it and watch it. Then on specified date, I'll put up a review on our movie blog. Since you guys have access and can edit when you want, you can chime in on the actual post and not just in the comments. Spoilers won't matter because we should all have seen the movie.
Then one of you guys will pick the next movie to watch and a specified date.
Since we all love cartoons and animation, I thought I'd limit the choices to that genre. They can be adult animation, kiddie films, anime, features, collections of short films, or TV shows. If you pick a TV show though, give lots of time for everyone to watch. The only other rule is that it has to be easily available to rent on Netflix.

Sound good?

Okay. Since I've wanted to watch it for awhile now, the first movie is going to be Ralph Bakshi's 1977 cult classic, Wizards. If you've already seen it, I don't think it'll hurt to watch it again. Well, I haven't seen it yet, maybe it will hurt!
But anyways, my review will be up on Crudloadofmovies on the 25th of this month. Too soon? I can always extend it.
The first person to post gets to be the first one to pick the next movie this time, and then we'll rotate.

I'm guessing you all have Netflix right? I know you're all busy so if this idea is stupid just tell me.

If you want access to post, send me an email at youngmancane_13@hotmail.com



Justin said...

I'm still here and that's a great idea!

"The first person to post gets to be the first one to pick the next movie this time, and then we'll rotate"

You mean the first to edit your post?

Kurdt said...

Something like that. The general idea is to maybe after my review, you guys post up your own thoughts and maybe we can get sort of a discussion going. I suppose you'd say, "that's what the comments section is for" but I think it'd be more interesting up in the actual post.

Actually I haven't really thought up a good way to pick who gets to pick the next movie. Alphabetical order maybe?

Ricky said...

okay I'm in, I should be able to score Wizards before next Fri

Ian Andersen said...

Sounds fun, haven't watched Wizards in a long time, but I watched it everyday for about a week when I rented it a couple years ago though. Good excuse to make my friend see it.

My word verification was cownhamb, as in, "COW 'N HAM B'!" odd.

Justin said...

Just watched it.