Friday, September 4, 2009

5 6 7 8 Lover will Suffocate...

Take a tour around the schoolroom floors
Rub shoulders with the jocks and the whores
Pretty twiggy has my heart on wires
Pull the strings and you can set it on fire
I don't want her cause she makes me sick
But in my dreams I always come to her quick
Pretty twiggy paints her nails with red
And horrid thoughts course through my head
Her caress it burns me like fire
Given power by the father of liars

Jesus says that lust is wrong
But these feelings are much too strong
I took her home and I laid her down
Five feet into the cold hard ground
In the night I could hear her screams
In the darkness of my deepest dreams
Hands clawing at the splinters and wood
Fists pounding it will do her no good
Now she's quiet and I sin no more
Now they'll let me in St. Peter's door

Take a tour of the schoolroom halls
Blood dripping from the ceilings and walls
All the jocks are nailed up through their eyes
And all the whores are in the ovens to fry
I know now I can't escape from my sin
Jesus said he won't let this end
Jesus says I've been a real bad boy
Jesus said I won't get any toys
Except for twiggy with her nails torn to shreds
Dirty hair matted to her head
I've got her now
She's forever mine
Her cold embrace for all of time

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