Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Sick Genius of Weird Al

I owe Mr. Yankovic a huge debt of gratitude. His funny song parodies were there at the start when my musical taste was just starting to develop and it probably also warped my sense of humor into very weird directions. My favorite songs though were actually his originals, usually done as "style parodies." Some of these...were rather twisted.
Click here for awesomeness!
I think this might be a They Might Be Giants parody, specifically See the Constellation from Apollo 18:

Regardless, it's a wonderfully sick song. I also love the instrumentation and how it switches tone at the end. It'd be great for a hard rock band to cover.

Bad Hair Day was one of the first Cds I bought with my own money (the third one, if I recall correctly) and I listened to it more than was probably healthy. Every single song is permanently etched in my brain.
Before that though, I had a set of cassette tapes that a friend of mine loaned me that had a ton of Weird Al from different albums, which I used to drive my mom nuts on car trips.
Here's a brilliant James Taylor parody:

If I ever have the patience to learn guitar I'll sit at campfires and play this song and tell people it's James Taylor, just to see the looks on their faces when the line about torturing rats with a hacksaw comes.

And here we have a brilliant video parody of More Than Words by Extreme, a band I honestly and truly loath: Embedding disabled, click the link!
Here's the original video for comparison, if you can stomach it: Click here!
"Now you, think I'm ugly and you say I'm cheap, you shaved off my eyebrows while I was asleep..." Hi-larious.

This one's goofier but still pretty dark:

I love the harmonies in the middle part. I can't seem to figure out who he's parodying though. Any ideas?

And lastly we have the last song from Bad Hair day, and probably Al's sickest song ever. Embedding disabled again. Why? Just to be annoying!
If you're curious, it's a style parody of both Black Gold by Soul Asylum and Momma I'm Comin' Home by Ozzy Osbourne:

There's actually a version that was released as a single that's actually more violent and warped, but I've only heard it a few times and can't seem to find it anywhere!

Well that was fun, listening to Weird Al always takes me back. So many songs are linked to so many different memories and emotions for me, it's really crazy. And...Oh, I almost for got one!

Why hasn't there ever been a movie about a slasher that finds a cub scout troop? You know it'd be great. ;)

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