Monday, November 2, 2009

Fear the Reaper

Inspired by Tess Gerritsen's novel The Bone Garden.

So yer work day is done
And you go out on the town
You take your money down by the bay
To the pub down by the shore
To find a good whore
To lay all yer troubles away

At the old Hog's head inn
For a fiver and quid
You find a girl who's pretty and stout
She's got one lazy eye
And a smell that attracts flies
And her teeth are all fallin' out

But she's good enough for you
For a quick dirty screw
So you take her out under the bridge
And yer screams fill the night
As you get your delights
Then ya blow and you're done with the midge

As you button yer fly
And think of the fire
That waits for you back home by your bed
You see something move
That blocks out the moon
But you think that the drinks gone to yer head

Then there's a flash of a knife
And your throats open wide
As you gasp for air in surprise
Then it comes down once more
And your stomach is tore
And your guts lay down by your side

And the last thing you spy
Is a pair of black eyes
Set in a face as pale as the moon
As your life fades away
You realize too late
Who's dealt you your fate much too soon

So beware for your life
All those who go out at night
Lest you end up a corpse
For a med school to slice
Beware of the whores
That stay by the shores
And beware of the reaper's sharp knife!

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