Friday, November 6, 2009

Gone But Not Forgotten (Hopefully)

This was posted at 2 in the morning. Please forgive another post made almost entirely of videos. I'll get some actual writing up tomorrow.

Let me introduce you to my friend Gary Stewart:

Now that, my friends, is real country music with real feeling behind it. It also has it's own distinctive booze soaked style, it's not just pop music with a twangy guitar by some asshole wearing a cowboy hat. Gary lived the pain that came through in his voice.

Despite critical accolades, he was ignored by a genre that was slowly turning to homogenized crap in the 1970s and eventually took his own life. Almost nobody knows about this guy today, and it's a damn shame.

To me, Gary Stewart is the bridge between old and new country. His music is still seeped in the roots that country music started out of, but it leans towards rock and roll quite a bit. He deserves to be more well known and I'm hoping to build a cult following around him.

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