Sunday, November 29, 2009

Two Songs About Weird Fetishes

Note: I don't actually practice any sick fetishes but they do fascinate and repulse me in equal amounts.

You're attracted to me
And I'm attracted to you
But if we have sex
Here's what we have to do
I'll throw up on you
And then you throw up on me
Oh I've been down the road
Of piss and shit before
It does nothing for me
when it hits my face
But when your love comes streaming down
From your mouth while I'm laying down
The sight and smells just blow me away
So baby gorge yourself all day
And then lean over tonight
And throw up on my face
La la la
La la la
Please throw up on my face

Oh I love the smell of plaster
And the stench of your skin
When your arm has been broken
And you couldn't wash it
For a whole month
And I can only love you
If you've got a broken bone
So I guess this is goodbye for now
But you really don't have to go
Just wear this head cast when we fuck
And maybe this leg one too
Oh and maybe just once you could wear
The full body cast when we screw
Hey babe where are you going?
It's not that big of a thing
There's nothing wrong thinking it's hot
When your arm is in a sling

I just thought of something. I wonder if there's Emetophiliacs that are also cast fetishists? That would be pretty sick wouldn't it? "Here honey, just put on this head cast and let me puke on your face!"


Justin said...

To quote a Johnny Ryan comic, "Having a chick vomit on your boner feels exactly like fucking a time tunnel!"

Kurdt said...

Heh, Johnny Ryan is great isn't he?