Monday, November 16, 2009

It's 4 am, please God let me sleep!

Oh wait, I forgot, there is no God. Jokes on me I guess.
When I can't sleep I toss and turn till it's agony trying to force myself to sleep. Then I get up and browse the Internet or write what ever crazy half formed thoughts are in my head. Sort of like now.
I haven't had a spell of insomnia for awhile now, I'm hoping this isn't the start of a persistent problem again. If you've never had insomnia, then you have no idea how bad it sucks, especially when you have to be for work at six in the morning. Like I have to be in two hours and I haven't slept all night.

I did get this cool image in my head out of no where though. It's of these kids tramping around a field on a moonlit night. They're all wearing cheap Halloween costumes. There's a girl who's a witch, a boy with a cheap skeleton mask, and another boy that's a devil. I guess my brain is just ripping of Tim Burton now.
I can't quite figure out where they're going, the field is by a woods but I don't know if they go in or not. They're doing this weird dance and singing. Maybe they're not children at all? Maybe they're spirits of the night come to steal away some poor village woman's baby while in the guise of children in dime store masks. Maybe they're just kids that snuck out on Halloween night. Either way, I don't know if I want to be around when they find what they're looking for...

Ack! Bed, bed bed bed. I'm so tired, why can't I sleep? Work is going to be so miserable! I guess I should stop writing and try to sleep again eh? Yes, that is what I shall do. Maybe I'll dream about the children of the night, dancing around some poor farmer's field in the cold glow of the moon. They're my children even though their birth was involuntary. I hope the little bastards don't decide my soul will make a tasty snack. As a father, soul eating is something I much frown upon. Damn those woods are spooky. I just got a good look at them. No one in their right mind would go under those trees at night. Stay away my children! Your doom awaits!

Clunk! (That was the sound of me falling unconscious on the floor. How am I still typing? I'm typing with my mind, ooooh, spooky!)

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