Friday, February 26, 2010

3:15 - Ms. Richardson's Journalism Class

The first thing on the handout was "Summarize what the article says about Hitler." Easy shit. Or it would have been if we didn't have to finish the handout in groups.
"Hitler was cool!"
"Shut the fuck up Danny!"
Ms. Richards always put us in groups and I always got stuck with the worst kids in class.
"I can say what I want, it's a free country!"
"Not if I knock your teeth out it's not!"
Danny was an idiot. Actually, they were both idiots, but at least Danny wasn't a bully like Matt was.
"How about you both shut up so we can finish this crap?" That was Vicky, snotty head cheerleader. Dating the captain of the football team. Also annoying and stupid.
"I don't give a shit, I'm failing this anyways." Matt said and snapped his pencil in half.
"Yeah, me too!"
"Danny, what did I tell you about talking?"
"Yeah, well I can't fail this class like you two morons. You know what? I'm just going to write my own answers in." Vicky said and ran her fingers through her long blond hair in frustration.
I had heard some pretty dirty stories about Vicky's after school activities. Apparently she was pretty fond of alcohol. And sex not condoned by the church. It's funny because she acted so uptight and prissy normally. She was always wearing tight sweaters though.
I piped in. "We all have to have the same answers. I've already got them written down, just copy mine."
"What if your's are wrong? I can't fail this class..." Vicky leaned over and her breasts pushed against the desk's edge. And image popped into my head of her sweaty and naked body, writhing on the floor. I wondered what color her nipples were. I pushed the thought and pulled my eyes away.
"They're not and we're not going to get this paper done any other way." I threw my handout onto the middle of the table and everyone wrote my answers done except for Danny.
"Huh huh, this ad is for hot pizza. Huh huh."
"Danny, I swear to god, one more word..." Matt clenched his fist and stuck it under Danny's nose.
Danny looked like he was going to shit himself.
"Why's that funny?" Vicky asked in genuine befuddlement.
I sighed and leaned back in my chair. I looked over at my girlfriend Carol, on the other side of the room. It looked like her group was done too. I wondered if they had done the same thing we had.
Ronnie Belson was staring at her chest and she was pretending not to notice. If I was over there I certainly would have said something. She looked over at me, smiled, and gave a small wave. I smiled back. Then she turned and said something to Mellisa, sitting across from her. I looked away. It was the last time I would see her alive.
Scanning around the room, my eyes settled on Ms. Richards, sitting at her desk, reading a book, most likely a romance novel. That was the real reason she had us split into groups, it ate up class time and she didn't have to do anything.
I sighed again and turned to look out the window. The sky had been gray since I had gotten up that morning and it kept getting darker as the day went on. It hadn't rained yet, but it felt like it should. It was hot and humid almost to the point where it would become unbearable. It certainly didn't make Matt or Danny smell any better. Heat lightening flashed on and off in the sky. No one else seemed to be looking at it. It was beautiful and eerie, lightening with no thunder, something I had only experienced a few times before.
I turned back and looked at the group again. All three of them were quiet. Danny was scribbling aimlessly in his notebook, Matt was stabbing holes in his textbook, and Vicky was messing with her cellphone. Probably texting one of her friends in another class. The whole class was quiet and for a second it seemed like time had stopped completely.
And then it hit.

The first thing that happened was that it started to rain. Not sprinkling rain either, just a sudden violent downpour. Ms. Robinson had the windows open to help keep the room a bit cooler and she threw her book down and ran to shut them. Then the thunder hit, booming so loud that it shook the room. Ms. Robinson's stepped back from the window for a second, almost in shock. And then they came in through the open window.
I say they, because I still have no idea what they are. Unless you focus on them very hard, you can't see them. From what I've been able to tell, they look like giant wasps with very long stingers. We weren't focusing on them of course, so all we saw was Ms. Robinson suddenly start bleeding as holes appeared all over her body. She stood for a second, shock covering her face. Then she fell, a pool of blood forming around her body.
Then every one started screaming.
Vicky shrieked and a hole appeared in her forehead. Danny and Matt were already slumped over their desks, dead. I dove under my mine and covered my head with my hands. Thunder boomed again, louder than before and the lights went out. I heard the door open and people running out. I don't know how many made it. I know Carol didn't. I found her by the janitor's closet later, her hand on the knob.
It seemed like I laid there forever, the thunder booming, the ceaseless rain pouring in the window. I could hear screaming from down the hallway and I clamped my hands over my ears. I could still hear it. I still can. It seemed like forever, but then everything was finally silent.

The sky was still gray and the heat lightening flashed on and off again when I stood up, my clothes soaked in blood that had pooled on the floor. The lights never came back on. Dead bodies were everywhere, riddled full of holes. People I had known most of my life. People I hated. People I loved.
But of course that wasn't the end. The nightmare was just beginning...

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