Monday, February 1, 2010


Yeah, I should save this for Wednesday. Oh well, I feel like posting it today. I never knew there were so many songs about werewolves till I started thinking of all the one's I knew. Of course you have to start with the king of all lycanthropic odes:

"You better stay away from him, he'll rip your lungs out Jim!" I love Warren Zevon.

I just read that this song was supposedly inspired by Wolfen!:

My werewolf movie will have this song in it's opening credits sequence, and it will rule.

Fang is one of my favorite punk bands, this song is great but not my favorite by them. That would be Destroy the Handicapped. Love the howls at the end though!

This is what parents were up in arms about their kids listening to in the 80s:

Maybe if I watch this cheesy video enough times, I'll turn into a man-wolf. Or turn into Ozzy. Nah, all I'd have to do for that to happen is do truckloads of drugs till my brain doesn't function right.

Alright, so now we get into songs that aren't about werewolves, but seem to fit anyways. How many of you have seen American Werewolf in London? Well, you should, it's awesome.
Anyways, they use this song during one of my favorite scenes:

I'll forever associate this song with werewolves now, and this one too:

I think AWIL had like three different versions that play at different parts of the movie.

And finally, Elvis:

How cool would a werewolf movie set in the 1950s be? I'd love to make a tribute to the cheesy 1950s monster movies I love so much and use a soundtrack that's all rockabilly.

Alright, now I'm inspired. I'll start stewing up basic ideas for this script tonight and tomorrow and maybe write a bit of it down. So what do you think would be cooler, a badass modern take on the werewolf mythos, or a retro-homage set in the 50s?

Edit: For some reason Blogger hasn't been letting me post comments on my own blog, so don't think I'm ignoring any of you in the comments section!

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