Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Early Jim Henson: Time Piece (1965)

Tonight we have a much shorter piece that's a whole lot more surreal. Henson was nominated for an Academy Award for this short as well as a slew of festival prizes and nominations. It's a good bit more adult than you'd probably expect, but you can see a lot of the style of early Sesame Street in it.

Time Piece

Eric | MySpace Video

It took me forever to track down a copy of this since almost every clip had been pulled due to copyright issues. (I hate when they pull things and then don't make them available anywhere else!)

More Henson Tomorrow!


Justin said...

I never would've guessed this was made before the other film. This one's more well-made... on some level it's less complex though. They're pretty evenly matched.

Kurdt said...

I think they're interesting as a double feature. I've kind of got the idea from watching them that Henson didn't like the real world too much and felt trapped by it. Maybe that's why he created his own worlds and characters, to escape.
I could be wrong though.