Sunday, June 21, 2009

1:41 AM - 2:15 AM

It's not that I don't love you
I just don't see you enough
When we're three million miles away
Spending time is kinda tuff
But this is just to let you know
That I think of you a lot
When I count on my fingers
All the good things I have got

I feel sick
But thats normal
But I wish there was a portal
That I could use to escape these pricks
That walk down the hall swinging their dicks around
But it's okay because I'm fine
Sitting locked up in my mind
And I can drift away
And I know that someday
I'll be living on my platform
In a solar dome in space
I'll feel better when I can escape
This dirt called the human race

When I was a kid I used to stay up late on Saturday nights and watch MAD TV and MASH on Fox 11. Sometimes they'd show a bad movie like The Brain that Wouldn't Die or Carnival of Souls (which is actually a good movie in spite of itself). There used to be this show called Ned the Dead's Chiller Theater that would have crappy movies hosted by this guy in really cheap looking ghoul make-up sitting in front of a table. Sometimes he'd lean back too far and you could see he had jeans on. I liked Ned, he made fun of the movies and would laugh at his own stupid jokes and slam his hand on the table. Sometimes I wonder what the heck he's up to now.

Late at night there'd be all local commercials on which were pretty funny because they were so cheap and lame. There was one for something called The Lullaby Shop which was pretty creepy, especially the jingle. I can't remember the words anymore but it was sung by this really effeminate sounding little boy and I swear I heard it in my nightmares.
I also remember one for a women's underwear store called the Sassy Lassy. The narrator for this commercial was this really nerdy sounding guy with the unsexiest voice possible, I always wondered why they chose him to do that ad. I also wonder how long the place stayed open.

Sorry for more personal crap, I couldn't sleep and felt like writing whatever popped into my head.

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