Friday, June 26, 2009

Earthward Ho is No Mo :(

It's been quite interesting around my favorite non-pornographic website lately. (I kid I kid, I hate pornography). When Sean Szeles put The Cap's adventures to an end there was a big hole left to be filled on Tuesdays. Attempting to fill that hole currently is David Gemmill. I'll admit that Sorry Guys isn't as consistently awesome as Through the Porthole but I still dig it. Even when the gags fall flat the art is still cartoony enough to be amusing. I don't know if it's a sign of the site becoming more popular or if David just brought them with him but the trolls and the web-tards seem to have come out in full force in the past week. I can deal though, there's enough cool people that post regularly to make the comments sections worth reading and I try not to argue with the morons because arguing on the net is pointless, but some of them have really been pissing me off. There's a difference between giving helpful criticism and just being an asshole and it seems like the Internet is full of people who can't tell the difference and suddenly a group of them have sprung up and now David is talking about quitting (Deep breath).

There's also some behind the scenes drama that us fans have only been getting small hints of but thats really not my business and I'm not going to post about can put up theories all you want though.

Yes, okay. Fred Osmond finished off Earthward Ho today. Twas a sad ending to be sure and while some commenters thought it was a bit rushed I think it's cool that he brought the series around full circle. He really needs to publish the whole thing in graphic novel form, maybe expand it a bit? Whatever happens, I'll eagerly await his future guest contributions all the same.

So what does the future hold for Friday's spot? Will inner tensions tear our heroes apart? What kind of random craziness will Kyle Carrozza bring us this weekend? And what of the trolls? How will their brand of whiny stupidity affect us all? How did the guy who gave Michael Jackson CPR not puke? Why am I still writing?

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Anonymous said...

Sad to see the Ho go. But, at least Fred's moving on to bigger, and possibly better things. Maybe not, but what else have I got to say?

It seems that Dumm Comics is falling apart faster than the non-biodegradable shit that's kept Michael up and running for the past 15 years.