Monday, June 1, 2009

Marmaduke a Go-G0

"Marmaduke, you left your bones on the chair again!" Screamed the poorly drawn owner lady.
"Thats the last goddamn time!"
From the hall closet she pulled out a 40. Calibur shotgun.
"Oh you big stupid dog, you're getting it now!" She mumbled as she wandered through the poorly drawn house. But where was Marmaduke?
He wasn't in the kitchen. He wasn't in the den. He wasn't in the yard. Where...
Suddenly a scream broke out from upstairs, a bloodcurdling scream that seemed to last forever and then was suddenly cut short.
Poorly drawn owner lady rushed up stairs and threw open the bedroom door. The smell of fresh blood hit her before her brain could process what her eyes were seeing and she vomited all over herself. There were blood and body parts all over the poorly drawn room. It was like it had gotten a new coat of paint. And in the middle of all the horrible gore was the big stupid dog himself, happily gnawing on a sneakered leg.
Poorly drawn owner lady aimed her shotgun and steeled herself...
Suddenly the door to the bathroom and out ran...Billy from Family Circus? Oh shit, owner lady knew she was in trouble. Billy was covered from head to toe in hand grenades and plastic explosive.
"You touch my eternal lover and we all die." Shouted Billy in the most annoying voice ever.
They all looked at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Somewhere in the distance a dog barked. Poorly drawn owner lady threw down her shotgun and ran as fast as she could to Ziggy's house. There she could rest up and think about her next step. And also make sweet sweet love to Ziggy's nose.

Next time: Billy hits his head and we flashback to just what really happened the rest of the Circus. It ain't pretty...

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This is gold, man! Keep 'dis shit UP!