Thursday, June 18, 2009

And now for something completely horrifying...

Do not click this link!

You clicked it didn't you? I warned you!
I can't put my finger on it but there's something very wrong with that picture. I think it's the fact that his face doesn't match up with his body, like it was badly photoshopped on. And it's such an unmanly chinless face it''s just wrong.

To make you feel better here's a link to Sarah Peck's blog where you can watch her funny and creative student films.

I wish I had been into film when I was in high school, I didn't really get into it till I graduated and was actually earning money to rent movies with. I doubt I would have made anything that clever though, I was all angsty and filled notebooks with poems about girls that would never go out with me. Evil Dead II changed my outlook on life. After watching Bruce Campbell fight his own severed hand, get laughed at by a whole room of inanimate objects, and get showered with gushers of blood I realized the perfect girl for me would be the one that listed ED II as their favorite movie. I haven't found her yet and I doubt she exists but there's my criteria for my dream girl. She can be fat, skinny, blonde, pink haired, lazy eyed, whatever all she has to do is be willing to sit and watch trashy movies with me and I will love her forever....

Oh, hey! The Angry Video Game Nerd has a new video up! Imma go watch it right now! I've fallen way behind on my postings but I'm going to try and put one up every day. Do you guys like my stupid ramblings about personal crap or should I just cut that shit out and write more stories and poems?

One last thing before I log off my computer and watch 1940s screwball comedies. I found this video last night when I was looking for funny infomercials. (Although just about all of them make me laugh).


Is that not the most useless piece of junk ever? I can understand it being useful to people with definite medical problems but it's being marketed as an alternative to toilet paper which is ridiculous since the thing uses the very product its saying is old and disgusting! I think my favorite part is the old lady who subtly hints that she needs assistance wiping her butt. Or the fat guy who claims that being morbidly obese has it's advantages. Like what? I think not being able to wipe your own ass would effectively cancel out any positive gains that years of eating nothing but fast food would give you.
Now watch this remix and have a great night!

I love you Internet...

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Phantom Spitter said...

Frankly, I infinitely prefer your stories and poems. They distinguish it from the run-of-the-mill diary blorg. For the personal stuff, I suggest sticking to the Twitter page.

I've never seen Evil Dead I or II. I saw Army of Darkness though. It seemed all "kick-ass best movie ever" when I first watched it, but now I think I have mixed feelings of it... Oh well.

Bring back Choose Your Own Fate! Drop the story on the other blog, do a new one similar to the first one you did. (Ahem)... PLEEEEEASE?