Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mr. Tinkertrain

I'll do the story tomorrow night that uses you guyes crazy random ideas but I've got this one boiling in me from listening to this song over and over:

The subject matter creeps the Hell out of me but it's such a cool song, I keep playing it and now it's wormed it's way into my brain and won't leave. Damn that killer guitar solo! Damn it to Heck!

He knew right away that she was the one he wanted on the first drive-by. It was too perfect: an angelic little girl blonde haired girl, sitting in the front yard all alone. The key world was "alone." Where were her parents? He drove by in his black van a few more times and didn't see anyone. No one moved in the windows of the run down house behind her, no doors opened, no mothers came out with laundry to hang on the line. Any normal person would have thought it was strange, but Ray was too horny for rational thought at that moment. That's how it usually was except for the occasional moments when he'd come to his senses and all the shame at the things he had done would come flooding in. But then he'd push it down into his stomach where it would get eaten by stomach acid and dissolve.
On the fourth turn around the block he cautiously pulled up to the curb and opened the driver's side door. The little blonde haired girl in the faded pink dress didn't move, didn't even look up. He yelled over to her,
"Hey, little girl! Hey!"
She turned her face to him.
"Come here little girl, I've got candy!" At this she got up and walked over to the van.
She had the bluest eyes he had ever seen. As he looked her over, dirty thoughts caroused through his mind at what he would do to this little girl, what he would make those blue eyes see. To any normal person what flashed into his head would sicken and horrify, but to Ray it warmed him like a fireplace on a cold morning. He took a sucker from a bag on the passenger seat and cooed as she took it from him,
"Thats a good girl, there's lots more candy and fun things at my house, just get in the van and we can go home and play!"
The girl didn't unwrap the sucker, didn't say a word, just opened the van door and climbed in. Ray didn't even think about how strange the whole thing was, he had his prey and that was all that mattered. He quickly shut the van door and sped off.

For the whole drive out of town the little girl didn't say a word. She sat in the back of the van with the sucker dangling between her fingers. He looked at her in the rear-view mirror and licked his lips, fondling his crotch while he drove. They pulled up to his back woods shack...

When he opened the door, the girl didn't move.
"Come on now, lets go have some fun!" He said and licked his lips again.
The girl climbed out of the van and he picked her up by the waist, carrying her into his "house."

Most of Ray's cramped living space was taken up by dirty magazines, both adult and underage. He set the girl on a soiled mattress and dug through a pile of them. He pulled out a magazine that had a picture of a girl wearing a red-riding hood costume on the cover and handed it to her. He was breathing hard.
"Now, you read that magazine. Thats what we're going to be doing and and if you just listen to me and do what I say, we'll have lots of fun."
The girl held the magazine limply in her hands and didn't move.
"Now, what did I just say? Open the magazine up and..."
He tried to open it for her but she grabbed his wrist. To his surprise, her grip was quite strong.
"Don't touch me." She said sternly and let go of his wrist.
Ray was taken aback. None of the girls he had taken here had ever talked back to him like this. The had all been scared, or had been eventually.
He looked at his wrist. Goddamn little bitch's hand had left bruises. How the Hell was that possible? He pushed the thought and the nagging doubt in his mind into his stomach. He was horny and was going to get what he wanted. He smacked her hard across the face, knocking her onto the bed. His erection was throbbing and his breath came out labored as he looked at her slight form, lying in a patch of sunlight from the window. He hovered over her and grabbed her dress...
Suddenly she sat up.
"I thought I told you not to touch me!" She yelled and shoved him hard, sending him flying across the small room. He tripped on a box full of rusty hand tools and fell, almost breaking his neck on a fry pan with a broken handle. Before he could get up she was standing by his side, looking down into his face. She put a foot in his groin and pushed down hard.
"Do you remember me Ray?" She said in a sweet little girls voice. "My name was Stacy."
Suddenly it all came back in a rush. For the first time in his life, Ray was legitimately frightened.
"It can't be, y-you're dead! I killed you! You're dead!"
"I was your first wasn't I Ray? How many were there after that? I bet you don't even know, I bet you lost count."
"Please just let me go I'll..." Ray stammered out.
"I asked you to let me go too, didn't I Ray? Don't you remember? That's what I was yelling the whole time you were on top of me."
He tried to get up but her foot was stepping on his crotch and he couldn't move. She leaned over and put her hands on his forehead. The pain of his testicles popping was minor compared to the heat that came from her hands. It was searing and it felt like his brain was on fire. Suddenly she was gone and Ray sat up, clutching his wounded groin. He could still feel the heat from her hands but it was getting smaller and smaller. It stopped contracting at the middle of his forehead and for a few seconds there was nothing. Then he screamed and thrashed his whole body in convulsive spasms, sending magazines and junk flying in all directions. Then he couldn't move because he was suffocating under a great weight as pain, worse than any he had ever known ripped through his body. It reached a horrible, unbearable peak and then was gone. Then it came again. And again, and again. As he screamed and wished for death, Ray got to experience child rape from a different perspective, once for every little girl he had hurt. When it was all over he splattered his brains all over the back wall of his run down shack. Nobody found his body except for hungry wolves that winter.


Phantom Spitter said...

Great story!

I don't know what you're planning with the themes-based story, but you must be putting a lot of thought into it.

Kurdt said...

Sorry! It's taking a bit longer than I thought. I got sidetracked by Humphrey Bogart and Zorro.