Friday, June 5, 2009

Ichthyophilia: A Story of Lust

I will apologize in advance for the following story...

It all started the night mother made soup for dinner instead of the usual evening meal of whatever she could scrape off the road that day. I was excited to get to eat something without gravel or maggots, or at least with cooked gravel or maggots in it. I looked that steaming pot sitting on our splintery table and my mouth filled with saliva. Then she plopped it down on my hubcap plate. I stared at it as the wind whistled through the chinks in our tar paper shack and mother stared at me.
"Well, what ya waiting fer boy? Eat it!" She yelled and smacked me on the head.
"I had to blow that old fishmonger for an hour to get that, now eat it!" Then she smacked me again.
I picked up my rusty fork and poked at the salmon's head in front of me. Suddenly my heart started to race and I felt dizzy. How could I cut up and eat such a beautiful thing? I stared at it's slimy gills, its glassy eyes, and wide fishy lips. I wanted it, I wanted it so bad.
Mother smacked me again and I got hard in my bad area.
"Well," she said and crossed her arms.
I knew what I had to do. I knocked the hubcap onto the floor.
Mother screamed, "You miserable little brat, howa you gonna eat it now? It's filthy!"
She picked me up and threw me into a pile of rotting beef carcasses in the corner. She came at me, but I ducked past her and ran outside, into the maze of the junkyard. I hid in the trunk of an old Beetle and fell asleep.

I awoke several hours later and carefully slunk back to our shack. Mother was sneaky and she could have waited for me to come out but tonight the gas light was off and everything was quiet. By the light of the full moon I found my love sitting on our rot-pile.
"Hello Billy." She said in a sultry ladies voice.
"W-Whats your name?" I stuttered.
"Elizabeth. You want me don't you Billy?"
"Oh god yes."
"Then lets find a quiet spot, away from her."
I looked back at the shack, at the window in the corner where mother slept. It was still dark. I picked Elizabeth up and ran.

My happy quiet spot was in the very middle of the junk yard, a clearing in a pile of rusting cars. I sat down and looked into her beautiful glassy eyes. I ran my hands across her slimy scales.
"Oh, take me Billy!" She yelled.
No matter how many fish heads I've loved, I never forgot my first. I never forgot how good it felt to push past those lips into the slimy innards. I never forgot the smell or the way she felt in my hands. I thrusted again and again, heaving and pushing, till finally it was all over.
I lay down in the dirt with Elizabeth on my chest.
"Was it good for you?" I whispered to her softly.
"Oh yes," She replied.
"Do you love me?
"Oh Billy, I'll love you till the day I rot away."
Then we kissed, slowly at first, but then full tongue. I got hard again. We were making sweet sweet love for the third time when I heard a noise behind me and turned.
There was mother standing at the far end of the clearing with the punishment bat in her hand. I never forgot the look on her face. Then the hitting started.

I woke up in the well. Mother had put the cover on this time and the only light was coming from a shrine of St. Andrew in front of me that I was supposed to pray to for forgiveness. All I could do was cry for my lost love.

Thanks Spumkin, I think....
Who's got another story idea?


Phantom Spitter said...

That was a good one!
This time... a day in the life of a toilet! No... the day the sky exploded! Nah... I got it! Comic nerd zombies! That one or all three. Oh, and moldy hams.

I saw Suspiria yesterday, by the way. it was really good. You seen it?

Anonymous said...

The ultimate antacid trip?

Kurdt said...

Sadly, I haven't seen Suspira yet. It's defiantly on my list since I love Argento (but not as much as I love his hot daughter Asia ;)

I'll will mull all of these plot ideas around in my brain for a few days and then barf them out.

Comic nerd zombies would be really funny. "Rarr, you no have new She Hulk? I would eat stupid human's brain but brain is obviously lacking..."

Anonymous said...

I'd suggest something about furries, but after reading that story...keep repressing it, John...just keep repressing it and it'll all go away.