Monday, April 26, 2010

Total Drama Theater #3

"That movie was pretty cool."
"Yeah, I liked when the people said things and then things happened."
"Why did you grab my boob?"
"I was reaching for the popcorn bag."
"That excuse would only work if you hadn't squeezed it. Several times."
"Well...did you like it?"
"I was just wondering why you did it is all."
"You have nice boobs."
"My husband thinks so too."
"I've never seen your husband..."
"He works for the mafia. He tortures people into confessing things."
"Hm. I suppose he's real scary looking then, with lots of big bulging muscles?"
"You don't have to tell him what I did."
"Of course I do. I tell him everything. I tell him when I have a bowel movement or when my period flow is particularity heavy."
"So he knows we go out?"
"Yup. He's not very happy about it."
"Neither am I."
"Yeah, you're going to die a pretty painful death. I suppose the least I can give you is a blowjob."
"No. I will push you into traffic so that your death will be less painful though."
"Would you? Shove me in front of that Semi-truck."
"Will do." (Shove).
"Wow, that guy just didn't want to stop did he? Drivers in this city, I swear..."


Oisin O'Sullivan said...

Aw, what a tragic love story :)
I was wondering what was going on when he started bleeding, and then he pulls out his heart? haha nice, I laughed.

Hey, if you got a few minutes, would you take a look at the stories I posted on my blog? Your blog is where I got the idea from so I'd like to hear your opinion.
I only got it started last week so there isn't much on there yet...

well here (if you want it)
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Justin said...

Man I love these. The humor is great!