Thursday, April 1, 2010


I decided to do something different tonight. What I post up here is pretty much dependent on the kind of mood I'm in and I'm in a strange mood tonight. Actually, I've been in a strange mood all week but tonight I feel really weird. Maybe it's just frustration getting to me again. I think, like anybody, that when faced with things that I'd rather not deal with I escape into fantasy, but my fantasies are always dark and weird. I want to run around fighting evil sickening things with various sharp instruments, blowing up living dead creatures with dynamite, and drill holes in Al Gore's head to find out of there really is a tiny alien inside his brain controlling him. Yeah, I 'm not quite right. I've come to accept that.
So anyways...some stuff.

3 Freaky Songs:
From the Halloween (2007) Soundtrack:

I love how subtly creepy this version is, plus it's beautiful. It deserved to be in a better movie than Rob Zombie's Halloween that's for sure.

I could have put up a lot of songs from The Marshall Mathers LP but I think this one is just freaky enough with out crossing the line into unleaded nightmare fuel like Kim. Plus it has the line "Put your hands down bitch, I ain't gonna shoot you, I'm gonna pull you to this bullet and put it through you!" Awesome.

You know the story behind this song? Sabbath's guitarist, Tony Iommi, woke up one night, thought he saw a demon sitting on the end of his bed, and freaked the fuck out. Knowing that makes the song so much creepier. "Oh no no, please god help me!"

Random Thing:
My friend told me today that when she was in college she had people coming up to her all the time asking where the rest of the Mexicans were at and where to get good tequila. She's third generation Mexican-American and doesn't have a trace of an accent.

And finally, another Nightmare Theater/Family Circus mashup I made in MS Paint:

And one with Skadi!:

(Skadi and Kimbo are here: of course)

Putting this super secret (not really) thing together, hope to have it done this weekend!

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