Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Sorry that I haven't posted a whole lot lately. I've been working on my book a tiny bit but I've also been an unmotivated lazy ass that just wants to mess around on the Internet and watch gory horror movies to shut the voices in his head up.
I've decided that I'm not going to charge for this thing since most of the poetry it contains is right here on this site for free. So when I get it all finished I'll announce it here and you can just send me your addresses through email and I'll send you a free copy! There'll be about five new poems, and the whole thing will be about 50 pages. If I can work up the motivation to finish the damn thing...

In other news, I've thought up a little contest. I bought a brand new copy of the Library of America's collection of Lovecraft fiction and thus my old thrift store paperback collection of stories is obsolete. So...I thought maybe one of you guys would want it. All you have to do is draw or sketch a picture of Mr. H.P and send it to me by email. Best one gets a copy of the book! It contains eight stories, over 200 pages, is old and falling apart but a great intro to the king of weird fiction.

reference pictures:

Send entries and inquiries to:

Thanks again to ya'll for reading!


Justin said...

I drew Lovecraft a few months ago and scanned it. I'll have to hunt that and send it to you...

Justin said...


Oisin O'Sullivan said...

wow thats a pretty generous offer. Ive heard so much about Lovecraft but Ive never read his work. I guess thi would be a good introduction.
Whens the closing date?

Kurdt said...

Lets say...May 13th.
Been thinking about this and came up with this:
First place gets a brand new copy of The Library of America's Tales.
Second place gets my beat up copy of The Colour out of Space and Others.