Thursday, December 11, 2008


I started this blog as a way to get my creative juices flowing and actually start writing again, but I thought I'd take a break every once in awhile to show off cool stuff I've found on my cruises around the big truck known as the INTERNET. Actually, I saw this film many years ago on a Sci-fi channel show called Exposure. Not many people caught it in the short time before it was canceled but it ruled. Basically it existed to showcase sci-fi and horror short films, a simple idea but there was nothing like it on TV and I haven't seen the like of it since. They even had an episode devoted to Star Wars fan films and showed Star Wars Gantsta Rap! There's a bunch of films I remember that I will probably never be able to find again, but some I've re-discovered on Youtube, which I'll try and post up. This one is my absolute favorite.
Warning, this is a very depressing film, But it's incredibly well done and was actually nominated for an Academy Award.

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Next week I'll post up some Jan Svankmeyer films that blew my mind as an impressionable young teenager. Man I miss Exposure, it was just too good for TV.

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