Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Robot, Mary Lou and Me

Sitting alone at the Freshman's dance
In my Dad's old suit with the wrinkled pants
Trying real hard not to mess up my tie
The one with the birds that doesn't fit quite right
And I
Wonder what the Hell I'm doing here
And I
Know I don't belong
But I tell myself the reason I don't dance
Is cause the music is all wrong

I'm in love with Mary Lou
But there's nothing I can do
I'm just some kid
That goes to her school
I'm nothing to her it's true

But back home
Hidden away
There's a robot that I built one day
Tomorrow I will turn him on
And bring him to school to have some fun
I'll make him pick up her boyfriend Joel
And dunk his head in the toilet bowl
I'll let Mary smash some walls
As we laugh and run through the halls
Mary will say "I love you"
And I will say "I love you too"
As my robot tears the roof
Off the school

But now
I sit alone with my punch in hand
Watching all the cool kids dance
In my wrinkled suit
And Dad's old tie
Watching all the girls
Go by

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