Saturday, December 27, 2008

Three Cords and the Truth

I wish that I could go back and see
What rock and roll used to be
When Zeppelin ruled
And Sabbath chugged
The booze, the girls,
Music, and drugs
When they were gods
Upon the stage
Before the ravages of age
Before Ozzy was a joke
Before his brain went up in smoke
Before Jimmy played with Puff
When it was just rock,
You know, the good stuff
You can keep your emo
Your gansta rap
And teenage scream-o
I'll keep my Beatles
My Doors
And my Who
And Elvis with his shoes of blue
Up till Cobain
Blew out his brains
And it went down the drain
We killed rock and roll
We're all to blame
Ain't it a shame
Ain't it a shame

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