Sunday, December 14, 2008

Random Thoughts

Lennon sings on The Beatles song Yer Blues which is about the singer being lonely and wanting to die, in fact wanting to die all the time. The problem is that it's not a very depressing song, in fact it's quite upbeat. The Beatles have quite a few songs with really depressing lyrics but they're all saddled with poppy upbeat melodies. I have a suspicion that this is mostly Lennon's doing. McCartney might have written Yesterday and Eleanor Rigby but he mostly stuck to upbeat mostly vaudeville type songs like Honey Pie and When I'm 64. He didn't have the cynical almost cruel sense of humor that Lennon had. And here's another thing, by the time Yer Blues came out on The White Album Lennon was a millionaire and could probably have had any girl in the world he wanted. What was he doing singing about loneliness? And why did he pick Yoko Ono of all people to marry and obsess over?
And why didn't the castaway's on Gilligan's island just patch up the hole in their stupid boat and go home? And why didn't any of the people who visited their island tell the outside world about them and send help? And how did they keep the same clothes on for all those years with ever getting them ripped or torn? Gilligan's Island is stupid.
Why do I like Gilligan's island so much? Two words: Mary Ann.

Gilligan is so gay. Both Ginger and Mary Ann both go after him all the time and he hangs around with The Skipper who calls him his Little Buddy!
Brain dump over.
End of Line.

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