Monday, March 2, 2009

Arrgh, so tired!

I am worn out tonight. There were quite a few things I wanted to do but when I got home all I felt like doing was sitting. I suppose thats when you're supposed to force yourself up but I have no will power. CYOF (or movie reviews) tonight. Possibly tomorrow though at the very least it will be up and awesome by the end of the week.

Oh and Spumkin put up a review of one of my favorite movies on our movie blog (the poster picture needs to be fixed though!). I rented PoD when I was stuck overseas in the middle of the desert last year and it gave me some much appreciated goofy laughs. So thats why I'm so fond of it, in case any of you were wondering.
I'm praying to the dark lord Morgatha that lives in the back of my closet to get your DVD player fixed Spitter. Broken movie watching technology angers him so hopefully it will get fixed soon.

Random thought #1:
If I could draw, right now I would draw a picture of Richard Simmons getting eaten by a bear. It's probably better that I can't draw...

Random thought #2:
Why do women in horror movies always try to run with high heels on? Is it supposed to make them look sexier? I think it just makes them look stupid because they always trip.
Some more horror movie clichés I would get rid of:
Cars not starting. Seriously, it happens in every damn movie. I'm sure the first 500 times they did it, it added to the tension but now its just laughable.
Creepy little kids. It worked in The Grudge and The Sixth Sense. Please stop putting them in movies. Who do I have to kick in the face to get this trend to stop?
Actually I think I'd mostly get rid of big budget horror movies all together. Most of my favorites were made for what it costs to cater most big budget crud. It's a genre that seems to produce its best work with limited means. But what do I know right, I'm just a NERD!

Last random thought(s):
I've been out of high school for almost five years now. I don't know why, but its very strange to think about. At least I'm not working at Burger King! (Although I'd probably be getting better pay and better hours compared to the military...)

Good night yall!

Edit update (whatever):
One of my favorite people on the Internets, who I've never met sadly, has a really good post up today: Emmy Rules!
I love that damn cupcake, and yes, I did put it as my desktop. Be sure to look at the comments, theres a really funny draw-off there!


Phantom Spitter said...

Thanks for the kind words, Kurdt! I plan on buying a new region-free DVD player soon.

Can't wait for the next CYOF!

Anonymous said...

Good to see another apostle of The D!