Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Homework Assignment

First read this story:
Pigeons from Hell

Then consider this quote by the author:
"The average human is so unimaginative that the highest flights of fancy are beyond his power to create out of nothing."

Do you believe this quote to be accurate? Is the average *adult* human devoid of imagination and the ability to create? Is that whats so wrong with most of the world?

What did you think of the story? I wanted to post it since you guys are always posting such cool comics and artwork for artists I've never heard of, I thought I'd pay you back a little by posting some cool prose from an author that I love and that I think more people should read.

If I can get on tomorrow I'll post some story ideas I've been kicking around. You've probably noticed that I haven't posted in a very long time about the book I was planning on writing. Well, I kind of gave it up for now. I'm still writing and creating ideas, but I don't know if the path I was going down was a good one. I think if I do write a novel, I'm going to need to keep it completely secret and find time to just sit and write. Serving in the military saps a lot of my time.
By the way: Would anyone be interested in working on a graphic novel with me? I've got some ideas and I think with the right artist It would turn out to be really cool. Does anyone know of anyone that would go in for something like that? I know it'd be a lot of work...just kicking stuff around. Thats all I ever seem to do.

Oh and one last thing. My favorite cute French musician up and quit: http://www.sokomusic.com/soko-quits-for-real-2/
This makes me very sad, but if its what she wants and it makes her happy...its too bad such an amazing unique artist is silencing herself. If John Coulton says he's going cold turkey on music then I suppose I'll have to go back to listening to pop radio (shiver).

Sleep calls to me, talk back at me and I'll try to respond. Hope you guys have more fun this week than I'm having!


Anonymous said...

I agree about your views on Pocahontas. Not just about revisionist history, but also because, let's face it, the humans looked positively "UGG-LEE!" (bursts out laughing like a hyena voiced by Jim Cummings. REFERENCE!)

Hunchback of Notre Dame was pretty bad, in my opinion. It slaughters not only a great story by Victor Hugo, but a terrible waste of both Jason Alexander (of Duckman) and Tom Hulce (fuckin' ANIMAL HOUSE, MAN!)

Kurdt said...

Actually, I thought Hunchback was pretty good in some parts. I saw it only once when it came out in theaters and I can still remember that sad scene where Quasi gets crowned king of the fools, one of two times I'll admit I cried in the theater (hey, I was a little kid, give me a break!)
I don't understand why every Disney movie has to have some sort of lame comic relief. I think it goes back to Pinocchio and Jimminy Cricket, a character that actually died in the original story. I know its supposed to make the darker parts easier to take but wise cracking gargoyles? Seriously, thats the best they could do?
I've said before that I fucking hate Disney's Tarzan. I wish I could push that movie off a cliff and watch smash into little pieces on the rocks below, thats how much I hate it. Rant over.